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    Swift Booking is a powerful, user-friendly online booking system for appointment based businesses.

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    Manage your staff's availability

    Manage your staff's regular shifts, break times and annual leave so that you only take bookings when your staff are available. You decide whether to allow your customers to book a specific member of staff.

    Manage services

    Enter details of each service that you offer and match staff expertise and skills to each one, ensuring you take bookings for services only when you have the correct staff available.

    Clean & simple customer interface

    Our professional, user-friendly interface allows your customers to book appointments quickly and with minimal steps. Add your own company branding (premium account only) and redirect your customers back to a specific page on your own website once they complete their booking. Your customers will also receive automatic e-mail confirmations so that you don't have to worry about reconfirming appointments.

    View and search appointment schedule

    View your schedule of confirmed bookings against each member of staff all in one simple screen. Manage each booking at the click of a button with options to cancel or reallocate bookings to alternative staff.

    Take control of your booking system

    Specify important settings such as the minimum notice permitted for a booking, whether customers can choose a member of staff, and the interval between booking slots.