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    Swift Booking was created by Hertfordshire based web designers Orchid Studios.

    Orchid Studios is run by Pira, an artist, illustrator and interior designer, and Tom, a data scientist and IT professional.

    Our Story

    Having designed websites for many spas and salons in London, many of our clients wanted an appointment booking system for their shiny new website. Helping them find a suitable system made us realise that most are expensive and have some kind of cap on the number of bookings or number of staff. We even saw some providers charging £199/month yet still imposing a cap of 20 staff.

    We were convinced there must be an alternative to provide a comprehensive booking system at a fair price. So we decided to develop our own system, Swift Booking!

    What makes us different?

    We don't pretend to be a huge global company. We're a small team of passionate web designers, but that means we don't have the huge overheads of a multinational and we can instead focus on our commitment to offer a professional service at an unbeatable price.

    Our service

    We are committed to keeping our prices fair and affordable. Our Basic account is just £5.99 a month and is specifically designed for sole proprietors to start taking bookings from their clients. There are no limits to the number of bookings you can take, even with our Basic package.

    Our Advanced package is designed for larger businesses and has no cap on the number of bookings, staff or services you can add, while our Premium package has additional features including your own branding, a choice of themes and the option to allow your clients to book named staff.